Nasir has been residing in Brampton for over 25 years with his wife and three sons. He was an outstanding student and very active in extracurricular activities such as debates. His passion for community services and volunteer experiences ensured that he was well respected by all. His active participation in physical activities and sports such as Body-Building, Soccer and Cricket, had led to several accolades.

Since his migration to Canada, he continued to use his experience and furthered it upon his arrival in Canada, becoming very active in his role in the betterment of educational and recreational facilities for the youth, woman and seniors.

The various positions held by Nasir in his past have given him a wide scope of experiences, ranging from physical labor to launching his Manufacturing business in 1993. He continued his quest for higher education. He is very much active in the political scene as well as various charitable organizations such as the Children’s Starlight Foundation and Vision & Literacy Organization, desire him to create a better environment for youth, woman and seniors. He had motivation to seek out his political ambition on a higher level, his vision for Canada, by reaching out to all ordinary and middle class people to make Canada a better place to live.

He has devoted the better part of his life for the welfare of the people and volunteer work within the different communities. He has received various designations for his hard work and dedication within all communities.

Internationally, he is a very active member for the various Peace missions around the globe.  He was honoured  as an Ambassadar for Peace  by the Universal Peace Federation.